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Starting at Just $104,990 + GST, or around $519* per week on finance. scroll down for all inclusions and package options

Supersize Room to work but compact enough to park anywhere. YES, you can drive on a car licence!

Catering to large events? Want a complete mobile commercial kitchen, or you are just keen to make as much cash as you can? All you need to do is Supersize it! Mobile and user friendly

From just $519 per week, anyone can afford the Supersize Food Truck – YES! it includes the brand new FUSO truck

Time: 52sec


Do you know the food game, how profitable it is and you just want to get out and get going right away? The supersize takes you to the next level!

Are you a chef, you know you are good, you know you can make money and you just need the right food trailer to do it?

Have you owned a café or restaurant before, know how to run your business, but are sick of paying out huge rent and want a better way?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we great news: before it was just the Maxi, but now we haver Supersized it…

Our turnkey Supersize Food Truck measuring 5.0 m long x 2.1 m  wide + cabin of approx 1.6 m is truly a cash machine and probably just right for you.

It includes all our standard features, plus everything you need to get started, including equipment package all for $104,990+GST or around $519 per week on finance:

✔ 4.8 x 2.1m Internal Work Area To Fit 4-6 Workers

✔ 2 x 278 Litre Commercial Fridge

✔ 1 x Freezer ❄

✔ Gas Deep Fryer 🍟

✔ Gas Griddle 🍔

✔ Quad Gas Burner

✔ Drinks Fridge 🥤

✔ Cold Bain Marie

✔ 6 Part Hot Bain Marie 🔥

✔ Chip Warmer 🍟

✔ Supersize Value, Supersize Profits! 💰


  • Easy to apply, no deposit and financing available – Supersize Food truck from just $519 per week, all done via experienced finance teams that search for the best deal for you. From the first day you own the trailer, no dodgy overpriced rent-to-own options
  • Twin internal gas bottle holders – Never worry about running out of gas, keep cooking and keep profiting with dual bottles
  • Certified to Australian Standards gas work – This eliminates the worry about  getting rejected at an event at the last moment due to non-confirming gas work
  • Large stainless range hood – Takes the sweet smell of your cooking out of the trailer and into the air, attracting even more clients to you
  • Fast recovery gas deep fryer – Double the speed, double the profits
  • Double gas griddle – Cook up all your burgers, eggs, and anything you can imagine
  • Three, yes 3, Large under bench fridge/freezer– Stores all your highly profitable drinks and stock – use as a fridge or freezer by adjusting the temperature
  • 3 sinks to comply with health rules in all states and all councils – Quickly and easily breeze through any permit applications with councils with 2 separate hot and cold water systems and 3 sinks, 2 for food prep and one for washing hands
  • Generator Box  – So you have power on the move , the fully enclosed generator box allows you to choose from using your generator or plugging in power where you are.
  • Lockable and secure – No matter where you park, you can be sure your truck and cooking area is safe and secure with multiple locks on the inside and outside, plus a high security deadlock on the entry door
  • 3-minute on site set up – Yes, you can park and set up within 3 minutes. No more lugging stuff around early in the morning, simply park and start to collect cash within 3 minutes
  • 4-burner gas cook top – This gives you the flexibility of a gas cook top for extra speed and adjustment in your cooking
  • Oven – cook pizza or any thing you like in the dual door electric oven
  • Cold bain Marie – perfect to keep everything cool while you are serving customers
  • Large 6 dish bain Marie – Adds to the speed, keeps your food ready to go either hot or cold with multiple options, it’s your choice
  • Under bench cash draw – ching, ching as the money comes in
  • Twin 15-amp power system – Multiple power points through your Supersize Food Truck give you a handy spot to plug any extra things you might like in, plus all wiring comes with full sign of complying with Australian Standards by licensed electrician
  • Large double serving windows – This gives you maximum space to have multiple people serving at one time
  • Large walk in door – Walk in and out easily with food equipment or anything else you might want to bring in and out. We made the door big and luxurious so coming in and out is a breeze in your Supersize Food Trailer King food trailer
  • Internal lighting – if you are starting early or finishing late, our carefully selected internal lighting gives you all the light you need to insure production before the sun is up or when the sun has gone down
  • 12-month workmanship warranty – Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with workmanship on your truck body and 5 year Mitsubishi warranty on the truck,if you have any issues let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
  • 12-month replacement warranty of fridge and range hood – We choose high-quality appliances. In reality probably nothing will go wrong, but just in case it does, we back you up in full with a full replacement warranty on these parts
  • Dedicated after-sales help and support – 1300 direct line to our help staff. Got a question? We are happy to help
  • Easy add-on equipment – Select from our range, we will fit it to your truck for you or supply your own and you can fit it when your trailer arrives

Take The Walkthrough of Supersize Food Truck Today

Time: 6min 08sec

You can view all the Food Trucks and Trailers online by registering to watch the video, or view them in person at our 800 sqm factory and show room, located in South Murwillumbah, just 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast – but please call to book time first.

There is much, much, much more to Food Trailers and Food Trucks and our commitment of service to you and your business. But so that we can pass on the rest of the information, please register to watch our informative online video. It takes you on a guided tour and gives you the chance to request an optional information package to be posted to you. Fill out the form either above or below to register to watch the video now. Be sure to include any comments or questions you have in regards to your Food Trailer King food trailer

Supersize Food Truck package inclusions:

Supersize food truck includes brand new Mitsubishi Fuso 
Overall size 6.3m long x 2.1m wide (4.8 x 2.1m work area) – Height 2900mm
100% tax deduction
Suitable for 4 – 6 people
Compliant with government health rules
12-month warranty on cooking equipment
5 year warranty on truck
Easy to drive automatic
Only need a car licence
easy maneuvering with reverse camera
Ready for registration
Steel frame
Fibre glass exterior
Easy lift gas struts on windows
Stainless steel counter tops
Dual easy open serving windows
2 x 278 litre commercial fridge 1 x  freezer
Ventilation window
Waterproof hinge system
Gas deep fryer
Gas griddle
Quad gas burner
Cash drawer
Drinks fridge
Stainless splash back
Cold bain Marie
6 part hot bain Marie
Chip warmer
Large range hood
Non slip easy to clean flooring
Sliding door on cupboards
Centre drain
On Board Generator Box
Easy access lockable rear door
Reversing camera
Automatic transmission
Easy to clean interior
Ready to start work right away
Under bench shelving storage
Hot and cold water system for food preparation
Additional hot and cold water system for hand washing
12v pump to run water system
Under truck stainless steel fresh water tank
Under truck stainless steel grey water tank
internal energy efficient lighting
15 amp wiring
Multiple 15 amp external power plug
Dual pole power points
Earth leakage protection
Circuit breaker box
2 x Gas bottle holder
Supersize value and profits
Premium package $104,990 + GST
Finance $519 per week
Optional Extras
Optional gas kebab machine $2,400

* Please Note: Rego, delivery and stamp duty not included in prices above or on video

12 months rego in your name and stamp duty – NSW (personal)
$2,459 inc GST $1227.00 stamp duty + $45 safety inspection + $29 weight bridge ticket + $801 registration fee + $357.00 CTP insurance
12 months rego in your name and stamp duty – NSW (business)
$2,996.65 inc GST $1227.00 stamp duty + $45 safety inspection + $29 weight bridge ticket + $801 registration fee + $357.00 CTP insurance
12 months rego in your name and stamp duty – QLD (business or personal)
$2,996.65 inc GST $1572.00 stamp duty + $45 safety inspection + $29 weight bridge ticket + $957.85 business name rego + $392.80 CTP insurance

We are unable to register in other states – sorry 🙂 – however, you can easily, and if you get stuck we will happily help you.

Delivery at cost or pick up. Next step going forward is for us to issue a final invoice where you can pay a deposit and we get your food truck underway for you. If you decide to go with finance, it is an easy, simple process if you’re working or have an existing business. Weekly rates are based on your current situation. In many cases with finance, no deposit is required.

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