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Discover The Food Trailer Secrets To Getting Going In Your Own Mobile Food Trailer Business Quickly, Easily And Cost Effectively In This 3-Part Video Training.

If you’ve been stuck trying to figure out any of the below, then great news – you’re in the right place…

  • How to get a location for your food trailer
  • How much money you can make in your food trailer
  • What type of food to sell
  • What food trailer will best suit your needs
  • How to get council approval for your food trailer

Please take the time to watch the 3 part video course Food Trailer Secrets below, in the correct order, so you understand everything you need to know about getting your food trailer up and going. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always something you will discover to make your food trailer journey easier, faster and less stressful.

Video 1 – How Much Money Will I Make With My Food Trailer?

Start here with the question everyone wants to know! In this part of the video training you will learn…

  • How many items to have on your menu
  • How many items per day you need to sell
  • How to increase your average order value
  • How to work out your costs and what to charge for your food
  • How many hours to work per day
  • How to choose what time of day is most profitable
  • How you can easily make an amazing income

Time: 6min 48sec

Video 2 – The 5 Steps To Get Up, Running and Profitable In Your Food Trailer

This is the second video in the training series; it’s a fair bit longer but it’s vital to watch as it takes you through the following:

  • Step # 1 – Choosing a profitable location
  • Step # 2 – Creating a profitable menu
  • Step # 3 – Securing cashflow producing delivery and takeaway options
  • Step # 4 – How much money you can make
  • Step # 5 – Choosing and funding the right trailer for you and finally, compliance

Time: 2hr 21min 7sec

Video 3 – How To Get Through Your Council Inspection With Your Trailer Nice And Easy

The third and final video in the Food Trailer Secrets training is the final piece to the puzzle.  You know how much money you can make, you know where and when to operate, and what to serve. Now all you need to know is how to ensure your trailer will comply with council.  In this training we will cover:

  • Choosing the council to get approval in and why it matters
  • 7 documents you need to comply; how and when we do them for you
  • Food safety license
  • Examples of documents
  • When you will get the documents
  • Filling in your application for council
  • How to organise your inspection

Time: 14min 36sec

After you complete the 3 part Food Trailer Secrets training above, it is vital to take action. We take you through the entire process in getting you up, running and going in your new food trailer.  Fill in the form below to book a time to have a conversation and start the process.


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