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From Just $27,990 + GST, Or Around $139 Per Week On Finance Including All The Equipment You Need To Get Started 

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Introducing Australia’s most cost-effective, easy-to-operate coffee trailers!

Have you been looking for a new coffee trailer?

Perhaps you’re a current café or coffee business owner and looking to upgrade or add to your existing business?

Maybe you’re brand new to the coffee business and are just looking for an easy-to-operate clean trailer that will allow you to make maximum dollars and make the maximum number of coffees in minimum time?

Congratulations, you’re in the right place.

Does this sound familiar:

You’re sick of your current role and just want a change.

Sick of hard to manage staff, landlords and having to serve endless amounts of customers just to cover rent and staff costs.

Have found a great spot or opportunity and have been hunting to get the right trailer for you needs.

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Mid Plus Premium Coffee Trailer $27,990+GST or around $139 per week on finance 

  • Italian design 2 head Expobar coffee machine 
  • Italian design automatic coffee grinder
  • 270 litre commercial fridge 
  • Under trailer fresh and grey stainless steel water tanks
  • Knock box for discarding coffee grindings
  • Jug rinser mounted in bench for ease of use


  • East to tow design – one person alone can easily tow and manoeuvre the Mid Plus trailer
  • Light yet strong– coming in at only 700kg means no problems towing
  • Compact enough to get into tight spots but large enough to serve from – 2.1 x 1.8m work area plus draw bar of 1.4 m makes it easy for you to tow with a small car and easy for one person to manoeuvre
  • Shade-producing awning  – don’t get burnt on hot days or wet when it rains. This door protects you in all weather elements, also gives excellent airflow
  • Easy to wash and clean– makes life easy for you
  • 15 inch rims and tyres– makes climbing gutters easy, plus allows for more stable towing
  • Rear drop down jacks– this means you can unhook your car, set up the trailer in one location and have the trailer free-standing without worrying it will flip up
  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket– means you are totally safe and will comply with council regulations
  • Easy to apply, no deposit finance available– you can get your Food Trailer King coffee trailer from just $139 per week, all done via experienced finance teams that search for the best deal for you. From the first day you own the trailer, no dodgy, overpriced rent-to-own options
  • Light weight– Easy to tow, park and manoeuvre, easily operated by one person, yes – even if you are 42 and only 45kg you can easily operate this coffee trailer on your own. It’s all carefully balanced to allow you to do this
  • 3 minute on site set up– Yes, you can park and set up within 3 minutes. No more lugging stuff around early in the morning, simply park and start to collect cash within 3 mins
  • Hospital-grade high quality– Stainless steel fittings and interiors make sure your trailer gives you many years of service and is super easy to clean
  • Disk brakes– We add these so you can tow with a super light car and also park with peace of mind using the on board handbrake
  • Lockable and secure– No matter where you park you can be sure your trailer is safe and secure with multiple locks on the inside and outside, plus a high security deadlock on the entry door
  • Internal range hood– This allows cooking fumes to dissipate quickly and easy
  • Super strong body– Made from galvanised steel and fibre glass
  • 3 sinks to comply with health rules in all states and all councils– Quickly and easily breeze through any permit applications with councils with 2 separate hot and cold water systems and 3 sinks, 2 for food prep and one for washing hands.
  • 15 amp 240 volt wiring and power outlets– ready to plug and play, signed off and certified by Australian standards
  • Internal lighting– if you are starting early or finishing late, our carefully selected internal lighting gives you all the light you need to ensure production before the sun is up or when the sun has gone down
  • 12-month workmanship warranty– Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with workmanship on your trailer, let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
  • 12-month replacement warranty of fridge and range hood– We choose high-quality appliances. In reality probably nothing will go wrong but just in case it does, we back you up in full with a full replacement warranty on these parts
  • Dedicated after sales help and support– 1300 direct line to our help staff. Got a question? We are happy to help
  • Easy add-on equipment– select from our range. We will fit to your trailer for you or supply your own and you can fit it when your trailer arrives
  • Ready to operate hand brake– when you are on hills or simply unhooking from your car, you now have total peace of mind with a safe and secure hand brake that stops your trailer from rolling
  • Fire extinguisher– this is just in case, but better to be safe than sorry
  • Modern slimline LED lighting–LED lights inside for super lighting of the entire internal area of the trailer
  • Alloy checker plate floor– safe and rust-free

Mid Plus Premium Package Total price $27,990 + GST or around $139 per week on finance 

Yes, we can add other items into your Mid Plus coffee trailer and we can also sign write the trailer for an additional fee, just give us a call and we will put together a customised package for you. 

Easy, no fuss delivery available Australia wide – ask for prices.

No hassle finance – if you have a current income, get your package on finance and start making money today!

Please note: The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.

Coffee trailer registration in QLD6 months’ rego in your name and stamp duty – QLD (business or personal) No Stamp Duty + Safety Inspection + Weight Cert + 6 months’ rego + Associated Paperwork – total price $256.40 inc GST

Registration in NSW (business) Stamp Duty + Blue Slip + Weight Cert + Vehicle Tax + Rego Fee + Plate Fee + Associated Paperwork – total price $2,161 inc GST

* Please Note: Rego, delivery and stamp duty not included in prices above or on video

12 months rego in your name and stamp duty – NSW (personal)
$1,120 stamp duty + blue slip + weight cert + vehicle tax + rego free + plate fee + Associated Paperwork
12 months rego in your name and stamp duty – NSW (business)
$1,312.30 stamp duty + blue slip + weight cert + vehicle tax + rego free + plate fee + Associated Paperwork
6 months rego in your name and stamp duty – QLD (business or personal)
$386.54 no stamp duty + safety inspection + weight cert + 6 months rego + Associated Paperwork


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