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“We start with a blank canvas and can give your trailer a truly unique look, combining our design team’s expertise with your own ideas.”


Below is just a small selection of signwriting we have done in-house for our customers.

We can design everything from your logo to the full trailer design. When work is complete, we also give you the design files to use in the rest of your branding and marketing. If you’ve already got your business logo, branding and a design ready, we can use that to wrap your trailer.

Take a look at our customers’ trailers below and consider adding signwriting to your trailer, we can include the cost for design and signwriting when we discuss your customised trailer pricing on the phone.

At Food Trailer King we offer the complete turnkey package so your trailer will be delivered 100% ready to get out to work, making money, from day 1. Contact us today for your custom pricing on 1300 247 066

Cozza’s Pies & Fries – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Blossom Bubble Tea Catering and Events – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Koyama Kitchen – Large 3.0 Trailer

Taco Bao – Maxi Trailer

Deez Indo Kitchen – Maxi Trailer

Basic Bites – Maxi Trailer

Brownes Dairy  – Mid Plus Trailer

The Good Oil Coffee Co – Large 3.0 Trailer

Shh Cake – Large 3.0 Trailer

Bitter Sweet Cafe – Maxi Trailer

Tin Can Bay Country Club – Maxi Trailer

The Edify Co – Mid Plus Trailer

Hustle and Grind Espresso – Mid Plus Trailer

T8T Fest – Large 3.0 Trailer

Poffertjes by Anchalee – Large 3.0 Trailer

Chads Grind – Large 3.0 Trailer

Mini Dutch Pancakes – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Nicholson’s Family Meats – Custom Build Trailer

Leighton Park Coffee & Grill – Maxi Trailer

Ocean’s Taste – Supersize Trailer

COB & CRUMBLE – Maxi Trailer

SOUL 360 – Supersize Trailer

Southern Fried Grillhouse – Supersize Trailer

Harmonie Club Catering – King Kong Trailer

Esk Food Van – Maxi Trailer

The Bush Turkeys – Mid Plus Trailer

Coastal Swirls – Large 3.0 Trailer

Kream’d – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Burgers and Bulldust – Large 3.0 Trailer

Fishers of Men – Maxi Truck

Farmhouse Grill & Catering – Maxi Trailer

Capital KAVA – Mid Plus Trailer

Discover Richmond Valley – Supersize Trailer

B-Street Pizzeria – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Brew Walgett – Large 3.0 Trailer

Marist College Ashgrove – Large 3.0 Trailer

Sweet Lips – Large 3.0 Trailer

TREZONA – Large 3.0 Trailer

Dirty Greek – Custom Build Trailer

Asian Tucker – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Viet Fusion – Supersize Truck

Crooked Arrow – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Brat Haus – Maxi Trailer

Mr Lardy Bardi’s – Maxi Trailer

Flavours of the Earth – Maxi Elite Trailer

Black Sheep – King Kong Trailer

Soul Essence – Supersize Truck

Coffee Aura – Large 3.0 Trailer

Lone Wolf Baking & Muesli – Mid Plus Trailer

Mi Thai Food – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

LaCantara Artisan Cheeses – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Black Cockatoo Smokehouse – Smoker Joe Trailer

The Donut Hole  – CUSTOM Maxi Trailer

Nakawakz  – Maxi Trailer

Kevs Coffee in the sky – Large 3.0 Trailer

Phoenix Catering – Supersize Trailer

Kalari Kafe – Supersize Trailer

Blended – Supersize Truck

The Flocking Flamingo  – Maxi Trailer

Junction Cafe – Maxi Elite Trailer

Cath’s Kitchen  – Maxi Trailer

Al Fonzie – Maxi Elite Trailer

Turkish Treats  – Maxi Trailer

Dip It  – Maxi Trailer

Binners Farm – Godzilla Food Trailer

The Coffee Traveller – Large 3.0 Trailer

King Bean 2 U – Large 3.0 Trailer

Smokey McBBQ – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Fricken Stop – Maxi Truck

 Two Mile State School P&C Ice Sales – CUSTOM Maxi Trailer

Hellfire Cantina – Supersize Truck

Yassou  – Maxi Trailer

One Stop Pit Stop – Custom Build Trailer


Sunshine Toastie Co – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

OMG Decadent Donuts  – Maxi Trailer

Bean Shot – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

The Dash & Hound Cafe – Large 3.0 Trailer

Hawker Eats – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

La Casetta – Supersize Truck

Dantes Third Circle  – Maxi Trailer

The Black Moose Coffee Bar – Large 3.0 Trailer

Mylens Tucker Box – Mid Plus Trailer

Wilde Fire Pizza – Pizza Trailer

Waffle and Bean – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Falafel abou antar  – Maxi Trailer

Coffee Pothole – Large 3.0 Trailer

Billinudgel Hotel  – Maxi Trailer

Cafe Loko – Large 3.0 Trailer

Empire Eats  – Maxi Trailer

Cafe One3 – Mid Plus Trailer

Pepito’s Fine Grub – Supersize Truck

Hannahs Street Food – Supersize Truck

Wheelie Bean Coffee – Mid Plus Trailer

Cafe Eden – Maxi Elite Trailer

The Twisted Taco – Maxi Elite Trailer

Southern Fish – Smoker Joe Trailer

The Jolly Slider – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

The Big “Skimmos Takeaway” – CUSTOM 3 Window King Kong Trailer

Sethros Tex Mex BBQ – King Kong Trailer

Fish n Feast  – Maxi Trailer

Jaz n Gaz  – Maxi Trailer

Dreamtime Ice Creamery – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

The Big Red Food Van – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Lukey’s Kitchen – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Baogers Asian Fusion – Supersize Trailer

Federation University  – Maxi Trailer

Charkriya – Godzilla Food Trailer

Stripped Street Food From Gaza – Maxi Trailer

You Came Again Vegan Food Truck – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Elia Hub – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Florina Gourmet Deli – Maxi Trailer

Kitchen Cowboys – Maxi Trailer

On D Run Coffee – Maxi Trailer

The Tnela – Supersize Truck

Coffee Bean Layne – Mid Plus Trailer

Istanbul on Wheels – Supersize Truck

Burger Babe – Maxi Elite Trailer

The Urban Chowk – (Custom) Godzilla Food Trailer

Troppo Jacks – King Kong Trailer

The MoMo Chow – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Cheena’s Kitchen – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Al Freskho – Supersize Trailer

Larissa’s Lattes – Mid Plus Trailer

Kumache – Mid Plus Trailer

Simply Blended – Large 3.0 Trailer

Kofta King – Maxi Elite Trailer

Gumtea – Mid Plus Trailer

Guac On Mexican Food – Large 3.0 Trailer

Lucky Lala – Large 3.0 Trailer

Red Frogs – Maxi Elite Trailer

Auntie’s Cafe – King Kong Trailer

ATN Events and Catering – Large 3.0 Trailer

Rainbow Bowls – Large 3.0 Trailer

SV Coffee and Bakery – Large 3.0 Trailer

McGuire’s Cafe – Mid Plus Trailer

Thai Tucker – Large 3.0 Trailer

Yimadumanja – Supersize Truck

Tempt Taste Yum – Maxi Elite Trailer

Sunshine Delights – Mid Plus Trailer

Social Tea – Mid Plus Trailer

Smoky Cravings – Smoker Joe Trailer

Ku Lai – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Pippi’s Kai – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Malt db – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Masubi Burger – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Miwws Kitchen – Maxi Elite Trailer

Serious Schnit – Maxi Elite Trailer

Freath’s Coffee – Mid Plus Trailer

Joey’s – Large 3.0 Trailer

Falafel Shack – XL 2.0 Food Trailer

Deja Brew – Mid Plus Trailer

Blazin Spades – Maxi Elite Trailer

Pimp My Fries – Maxi Elite Trailer

Red Hot Food – Maxi Elite Trailer

Garnished – King Kong Trailer

Black Sheep Brew and Chew – Maxi Elite Trailer

Jup Jup – Maxi Elite Trailer

The Food Wagon – Supersize Trailer

Azmill Sweets, Treats and Spicy Meats – Mid Plus Trailer

Vibing Vegan – Mid Plus Trailer

Two Black Sheep – XL 2.0 Food Trailer