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7 Easy Steps To Owning & Experiencing Your First Adventure In A Food Trailer By Food Trailer King In As Little As Six Weeks

Step #1

Register to watch the “How to select the right Food Trailer and make a 6 figure income working as much or as little as you like” instant video online now and or download the book, or if you like have an information pack posted to you with a FREE CD and DVD, just register in the form above.

Step #2

Watch the online video or DVD from start to finish or listen to the CD in your FREE information pack – you can fill in your address after registering above or below.

Step #3

Decide if this is right for you and apply; we only have limited production and prefer to only deal with people who have a “can-do” attitude, in other words even if you have the money we may not actually accept it.

Step #4

We will talk over the phone, go over any questions you have and ensure you are fully educated and informed about the Food Trailer Hire food trailer before you invest.  The goal is to have all questions answered and to be sure you will be successful before you start.

Step #5

Once we are sure your new food trailer is right for both of us, you go ahead and place a refundable deposit of $100 to allow your food trailer invoice to be drawn up for your approval. It’s a simple 2 page invoice but we like to do it this way so you have a chance to ask any further questions, plus if you choose our finance option you now have something tangible to present to them.

Step #6

Once you have reviewed the invoice and are happy and everything is in order, go ahead and transfer across the funds or you can pay via finance or even credit card if you want to earn the points.

Step #7

After that, you’ll take delivery of your food trailer and be ready to start taking in cash and creating your road to financial freedom.

So What Do You Do Next??

Yes, I am interested in a Foot Trailer King food trailer but would like to know more. Please give me access to more information including an information package and video that explains how much money I can make with my food trailer, plus if I like, an option to register for the information package to be posted to me (Registration for posted package is on the next page after you register here).