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7 Benefits of a Food Trailer from the Food Trailer Hire

#1 Famous Quality

They’re made of quality stainless steel, and depending on which model you choose, can include drop-down counters, cash drawer, sinks and downpipes, a hot water system and have everything you need to start making food in minutes.

#2 Well-Priced in the Market Place

If you’ve done any research at all, you’ll know by now that a food trailer from us comes in on the money.

#3 Quality Factory-Fitted Food Trailer that Meets all of Australia’s Requirements

Your food trailer is fitted out using our years of expertise in the Food Trailer industry and includes a warranty, plus a prestigious range of worldwide operating and manufacturing approvals.

#4 Arrive, Set up and Be Making Food in Minutes, Not Hours

The last thing you want to do when you arrive to sell food is spend hours hooking up pipes, looking for hot water or worrying about how good the water is. With a food trailer from the Food Trailer Hire you just turn up, set up and start.

#5 Fixed Prices

We have no extra options. It is either Package A or Package B. That is how we keep our prices spot on without compromising quality.

#6 Multi-Purpose Use

One of the biggest benefits our clients tell us about our food trailers is they love knowing they have more than one use! A lot of food trailers can only be used for making food, which restricts your income earning potential. Our food trailers have been used as fairy floss stands, hot dog stands, soup stands and much more, which increases your earning potential and what you can offer your customers.

“I love owning a Food Trailer. Last week I used it to sell hot dogs. Yesterday I used it to sell hot soup at my local football and later this week I’ll be selling food outside a high business event with approx. 200 people in business attending..” Pete Johns Qld

#7 Self-Sufficient, Ready to Go

Our models are self-sufficient so you have water, a customer serving counter, integrated plumbing, water filtration, storage and other mod cons.

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